Nobuhiro Fukui

Born in Tokushima, Japan, 1972
Lives and works in Tokyo


2003 to present

Participated in Osamu Kanemura Workshop

[Solo Exhibitions]

"B'" Parzelle403 (Basel, Switzerland)

"undercurrent" TKG Editions Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan)

"Asterism" Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

"Juxtaposition" Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

"There There" Joachim Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

"Trans A.M." GENDAI HEIGHTS GalleryDEN (Tokyo, Japan)

[Group Exhibitions]

"Celsius" CASHI (Curator: Arata Hasegawa, Erika Matsushima, Coordinator: Yuji Ohshita / Tokyo, Japan)

"JAPON" Abbaye St André - Centre d'art contemporain de Meymac (CAC) (Curator: Jean-Paul Blanchet / Meymac, France)

"Tokyo Story 2014 Part 1" TWS Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

"Hokkaido community art project [Susukino Art Project + Koshiyama Project] - Interaction and Exchange / Where are we? or What is this place?" Susukino Art Project & Koshiyama Project (Curator: Yuji Oshita / Sapporo, Japan)

"Shinonome Photo Festival 2013" TOLOT/heuristic SHINONOME (Tokyo, Japan)

"Concrete - Photography and Architecture" Fotomuseum Winterthur (Curator: Thomas Seelig, Research Assistant: Daniela Janser / Zürich, Switzerland)

"5 - Contemporary Japanese Photographers" Reynolds Gallery, University of the Pacific (Curator: Robert Coburn & Daniel Kasser / California, USA)

"KABEGIWA: Akira Rachi - sites" Gallery GEN (Tokyo, Japan)

"France / Japan: University Exchange Project DOUBLE VISION" TWS Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

"No Man's Land" L'ambassade de France au Japon (Tokyo, Japan)

"Invisible moments" UP FIELD GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)

"Tokyo Painting - My Little Everyday Sceneries" TWS shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

"Aspects of Memory" UP FIELD GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)

"WONDER SEEDS 2007" TWS shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

"Nobuhiro Fukui & Katsuhiko Miyauchi - Tomare, Miyo" gallery Archipelago (Tokyo, Japan)

"Sophie ERLUND & Nobuhiro FUKUI" Joachim Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

"Expressions by young photographers in Germany 2005" Konica Minolta Plaza Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

"Berlin - Tokyo Group Exhibition I" Joachim Gallery (Berlin, Germany)


"Mention speciale du jury" The BMW Paris Photo Prize 2008 (Jury: Marta Gili, Vicki Goldberg, Stephen Shore, Anne Wilkes Tucker, Michael Wilson, Nicolas Wertans, Eric de Riedmatten)


iaab - International Exchange and Studio Program Basel (Basel, Switzerland) *Tokyo Wonder Site Exchange Residency Program

[Presiding Workshops]

2011 - ongoing
"291 workshop" (Tokyo) *photography workshop

2013 - ongoing
"291 workshop - Personal Session" (around Tokyo)

[Lectures, Conversations & Others]

CAMP - The Slide Shows for Seeing Photographs, namGallery (planned by Go Kawashima & Kaoru Nishio / Tokyo)

Revisiting Sir Anthony Caro: from Table Piece to Table Talk, Art Center Ongoing (with Motohiro Tomii & Takayuki Hayashi / Tokyo)

CAMP - To Paint a Painting #3, blanClass (Yokohama)

Talk and Slide show "Urban Environment and Photography - Seeing, Taking, Making, Speaking" 8/01/COURT, Shibuya Hikarie (with Akira Rachi / Tokyo)

CAMP - Reading "A Brief History of Curating" by Hans Ulrich Obrist (translated by Hanako Murakami), Aoyama Meguro (Tokyo)

Extension Seminar, Tokyo Visual Arts (Tokyo)

Report: Artist-in-residence program in Basel, Genba Kenkyukai (Tokyo)

CAMP 7th Anniversary Talk: Lucky Seven, Aoyama Meguro (Tokyo)

Kazutaka Yoshida: Welcome To The Jungle, blanClass (Yokohama)

Extension Seminar, Tokyo Visual Arts (Tokyo)

Talking about «Samazamana Sokudo, Aruiha Samazamana Tien» with Director Hironori Tadaishi, KINEATTIC (Tokyo)

PARTY #4 - participation / popularity / preoccupation, CAMP (Tokyo)

Researching Photography - Nobuhiro Fukui (with Akira Rachi & Bunmei Shirabe / Tokyo)

[Curating Activities]

Parrhesia #002 | Takeshi Hyakuto "Busy, busy, busy", TAP Gallery (Tokyo)
Parrhesia #001 | Takashi Tsuda "Atarashi-Yama", TAP Gallery (Tokyo)
Seeing Documentary #002 | Robert J. Flaherty "Nanook of the North", TAP Gallery (Tokyo)
Seeing Documentary #001 | Wang Bing "Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks", TAP Gallery (Tokyo)
TAP Gallery Portfolio Recommendations *co-curating with members, TAP Gallery (Tokyo)

Hironori Tadaishi & Satoshi Nishizawa Movie Works Screenings *co-curated with Mr. and Mrs. Kuroyanagi, space dike (Tokyo)

Film Screenings | Hironori TADAISHI & Satoshi NISHIZAWA New Movie Works, TAP Gallery (Tokyo)

291 workshop - EXTRA Meeting *including screening of Hironori Tadaishi’s short movie, TAP Gallery (Tokyo)

[Selected Publications]

"TOKYO PHOTO 2013" *official catalogue

"CONCRETE: Fotografie und Architektur" edited by Daniela Janser, Thomas Seelig & Urs Stahel in collaboration with Eva Kurz, Therese Seeholzer and Corinna Unterkofler (Scheidegger & Spiess) *exhibition catalogue

Sophie Cavaliero "Révélations: Photographie japonaise contemporaine" (Le Lézard Noir)

"Enjoying fine arts in the living room" SUMAInoSEKKEI (July-August, 2013)

"Learning a Secret Formula by Photographer's Textbooks" Asahi Camera (November 2010)

Toshihiro Furuya "Nobuhiro Fukui: Asterism" Tokyo Shimbun

Toshihiro Furuya "Nobuhiro Fukui: Asterism" Tokyo Shimbun (August 13, 2010 / *Japanese text only)

"No Man’s Land" (La France au Japon) *exhibition catalogue

Fabriano Fabbri "Lo zen e il manga. L'arte contemporanea giapponese" (Mondadori Bruno)

"Be in love with a subject by Nobuhiro Fukui" Shincho 45 (July 2008)

Toshihiro Furuya "Review Art: Two Different lights - Sei IMAZAWA & Nobuhiro FUKUI" Gunzo (June 2008)

"Stardust review of exhibitions" Geijutsu Shincho (May 2008)

Ren Fukuzumi "Exhibition reviews" artscape (March 2008 / *Japanese text only)

"Tokyo Painting: My Little Everyday Sceneries" (Tokyo Wonder Site) *exhibition catalogue

"feature graph" DIGITAL SHASIN SEIKATSU (2006. Vol. 2)

PHaT PHOTO, special edition 1 (2006. MAY. extra)

"Review Channels" - Art, PAPER SKY (Autumn no.15)

[Selected Interviews]

Researching Photography: record: Nobuhiro Fukui (*Japanese text only)
◦Part 1
◦Part 2

Nobuhiro Fukui interview 2010 | Tomio Koyama Gallery (*Japanese text only)

Nobuhiro Fukui interview 2008 | Tomio Koyama Gallery

Web Photography Neighborhood "Every Sunday - Nobuhiro Fukui" (with Yasuhiko Uchihara / *Japanese text only)

[Selected Writings]

Letter from Basel #1 & #2, Art magazine VOID chicken

On Tadaishi Hironori & Hitoshi Toyoda, FOUNTAIN: Japanese contemporary art magazine #4

A Memorandum on Oval = Markus Popp, FOUNTAIN: Japanese contemporary art magazine #3

On Enrique Vila-Matas "Historia abreviada de la literatura portátil" (translated by Eiichi Kimura), FOUNTAIN: Japanese contemporary art magazine #2

On Banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop," FOUNTAIN: Japanese contemporary art magazine #1

1972年、徳島県鳴門市生まれ。2004年、金村修ワークショップ参加。近年の主な個展に「B'」(2013年・Parzelle403〔スイス・バーゼル〕)、「undercurrent」(2011年・TKG Editions京都)、「Asterism」(2010年・小山登美夫ギャラリー)等、主なグループ展に「Concrete - Photography and Architecture」(2013年・ヴィンタートゥール写真美術館〔スイス〕)、「5 Contemporary Japanese Photographers」(2012年・Reynolds Gallery〔カリフォルニア・パシフィック大学〕)、「No Man's Land」(2009年・在日フランス大使館)等がある。

2008年には、Paris PhotoにおいてBMW Paris Photo Prizeの審査員特別賞を受賞。2011年よりワークショップ「291 workshop」を主宰。2013年より個人講座「291 workshop - Personal Session」を開催中。2012年・2013年、東京ビジュアルアーツ「エクステンション・ゼミ」にてゲスト講師として特別講義を開講。CAMP主催の「PARTY #4 - participation / popularity / preoccupation」(TRANS ARTS TOKYO)にスピーカーとして参加。blanClass主催の吉田和貴「Welcome To The Jungle」にパフォーマーとして参加。CAMP 7周年トーク「ラッキーセブン」モデレーター。2013年、「只石博紀・西澤諭志 新作映像作品 上映会」を企画。2015年より清澄白河のオルタナティブ・スペース TAP Galleryの正式メンバーとなり、展覧会、レクチャー、イベント、上映会などのキュレーティングを行う。